192.168.l.l Router IP & Login for Jan 2017

Simple Guide for how to access 192.168.l.l Router Admin Menu DIRECT Login :

The default router IP which is common for all router is, so, the IP 192.168.l.l is what you’ve mistyped right now, you were supposed to access and then you were needing some setup of your router and then after that you might have wanted to change the router name or wifi password things etc. But here you did a small typo graphic error, you had entered 192.168.L.L, i.e. 192.168.l.l, it is really that?

Yes, it, is, so you have come to this place on the net where you can get information on setting up of your router login and IP address 192.168.l.l online for free.


Username: admin

Password: admin

We are trying to make a simple system that works for you, so we will put a script on clicking where we will see the router which you are using and then after you will directly allowed to login with the default username and password which is admin admin., or in other case, select the router manufacturer from the list and then we will guide you to access the admin menu and we will also try to decode the same for you if you are a noob to the router access system.

192.168.l.l ip


The IP 192.168.l.l is not used for any type of router access, but this is a simple typo error which is caused to you to land on the Google/Yahoo/Bing search engine page and then you jumped to our this page.

The router login IP which works in actual is which has username and password set for default usage.

Hence, you will have to the original page for the router access which is and not this 192.168.l.l, so have a look on these 192.168 default page and then enter username and password as admin admin just and you are done then after.

You router can be of any of following company or it may be of other company.

192.168.l.l iball router:

192.168.l.l tplink router

192.168.l.l dlink router

192.168.l.l gptl router

192.168.l.l bsnl router

192.168.l.l routers

If you have jumped to this space without reading the above content then we will tell you in short that you did a small error in reading the IP, so what you did wrong in choosing the IP is you took the ip as 192.168.l.l which is in actual, so we recommend you to click on the script and you will be auto logged in with the default credentials for sure.

For a reference, you can bookmark our this page if you in future enter the wrong IP 192.168.l.l and want to access directly then our this tutorial will be helpful to you again.

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192.168.l.l Wikipedia

On Wik host address says that In network addressing, the host address, or the host ID portion of an IP address, is the portion of the address used to identify hosts.

Your network ID is the first 30 bits, in bold below. The host ID portion is the last two bits. By changing those two bits, you can create the following IP addresses:

11000000.10101000.00000001.000000 00 (, the network address)
11000000.10101000.00000001.000000 01 (, the first usable address in the subnet)
11000000.10101000.00000001.000000 10 (, the last usable address in the subnet)
11000000.10101000.00000001.000000 11 (, the broadcast address for the subnet)
The other resources which are useful for the accessing router are this page.

So, in our this very first article, we provided you details for the admin access panel for easy setting up the router with IP 192.168.l.l which is obviously wrong but the right is

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